Past Projects


Tamarac apartments - 3d models

Built 3d models of apartment buildings. I was in charge of modeling basic models that were un-textured for the texture artist. This included cabinets, tables and other essentials that go into every apartment. After models were built I would then uv unwrapped them, ensuring that everything was correct for the texture artist to be able to paint correctly without any warped texturing. I worked off blue prints that the company had given me to also comply to specific measurements, that way everything was to scale. I have included a Gallery when Clicking on the picture to see different apartments un-textured, as well as the company’s web-site.

Damn The Torpedoes Music Video

Unfinished music video in where we wanted to get a stop-motion feel along the lines of laika studios and wes anderson films. the goal was to mix 2d animation along with 3d animations and environments. local artist malcom was in charge of the 2d art and animation and i was in charge of 3d environment building, including water and smoke effects. i also edited the 2d on top of the 3d and did all the editing in adobe premiere. In the sequences you will see place holders that I put in for the 2d animator to follow to make his job as easy as possible, it was one of the many ways I was trying to think ahead to get the project done in a timely manor. I really regret not being able to finish this as I put a lot of time and energy into making it the best I possibly could with my current skills in 2017, but i hope you enjoy what I do have (click picture for animation sequences).

Beast And Heroes 

I did asset creation for this project. I created Viking weaponry along with white boxing the environment for preproduction. I also created the Vikings main war tent that the player uses as a home base. 

Beasts and heroes is published by eMortal Sports and is a real time strategy game in vr.